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Senior Industrial Designer

Austin, TX
An award-winning product development / innovation company is searching for a Sr. Industrial Designer in Austin, TX.  (Types of clients: Technology, Medical, Consumer Products)

What makes a Senior Designer?:

A Senior Designer at our firm requires a high level of leadership and management skill. This person will own projects, own client relationships, own accounts, own fiscal responsibilities, drive sales, and be an integral part of helping grow and nurture the design group. A Senior Designer is expected to be a vocal strategic thinker for the brand, helping to elevate it continually both internally and externally.  Once proven in this role there is opportunity to grow into a Lead/Principal/Director Design role.

Describe the Work / Life / Family Balance:

We are a fast paced product development / innovation consultancy with the chill vibe that Austin has become known for nationwide. With many employees having young families, our leadership very much respects work / life / family balance and firmly encourages employees to down tools by 6pm. Family is welcome in the office anytime, with family Thanksgiving feasts, chili-cook-offs, ice cream making contests, sandpit volleyball and beer/wine Fridays all apart of the fun. 
Describe the Studio:

We have a state of the art design and engineering facility. It's a great studio for hands-on design and physical prototyping with Workshops, 3D-printers, spray booth, testing labs etc. We firmly believe in the importance of iterative design validation, and this can all be done on site. The design team believes in the importance of physical representation of designs, so although a lot of the design work is carried out on screen, it is always constantly validated in physical form, whether it be 3D-prints, rough foam mock-ups, foam core, etc.

Describe the Team:

The beauty of our firm is the collaboration of disciplines between great designers and great engineers. If a client comes with a specific ID related ask, we ensure engineering oversight for the best possible solution developed and that anything released is not just a pipe dream.  The designers are expected to be very hands on when it comes to design research and design strategy. This involves lots of VOC work, ethnographic research trips, data synthesis etc. culminating in the development of solid design frameworks and strategies.
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