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Sr. Electrical Engineer

Austin, TX
This energy solutions company delivers renewable energy (heat and power in one system) using best-in-class solar technology.   This system delivers the highest efficiency in the world harvesting, 70% of the sun's energy that hit their generator (a typical flat panel system is 15% efficient).

This company provides significant ROI’s to commercial customers without relying on massive government subsidies. They are advancing the economics of solar power, moving it towards a true self-sustaining market.

Job Summary:

The Sr. Electrical Engineer will be responsible for all electrical engineering with the company’s line of CPV products.  The Sr. Electrical Engeineer will play an important strategic role in improving product competitiveness and solving operational problems.

This person will predominantly be an AC/DC power engineer, though with significant experience in electronics, controls and software. They will be responsible for the electrical design from the photovoltaic cell through to the inverter and, in many cases, beyond to the electrical interconnect.  

Additionally, they will be a senior member of an electrical engineering team that also encompasses controls, telemetry and aspects of manufacturing and product test.  The Sr. Electrical Engeineer will have meaningful photovoltaic experience from prior project management or product development and will work with the systems group as a senior problem solver for field electrical issues. 
  • Product Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical codes and qualifications 
  • Field support.
  • Appropriate aspects of the cost and performance models
  • Assistance with the next generation product definition, design and test.
  • Appropriate components of the next generation PRD
  • Team building and management
  • Efficient documenting and reporting

Skills and Qualities:
  • Ability to relate electrical issues to the broader goals of the product, from manufacturing through to field performance.
  • Willingness to delve into and understand other technical aspects of the product, especially to do with materials, reliability and control systems.
  • Ability to set complex goals and tradeoffs and to effectively technically review the goals and solutions that result
  • Excellent verbal and written communication . Ability to clearly put forward an opinion in an open, lively debating environment.

  • Degree in electrical engineering, with at least 5- 10 years experience
  • Significant experience with AC and DC power delivery.
  • Significant experience with power electronics, especially inverters.
  • Thorough understanding of photovoltaic systems, including the effects of tolerances on performance.
  • Significant experience with test theory and processes.
  • Expert at the management of engineering tolerances in both models and budgets, and how to make effective trade-offs.
  • FMEA
  • Demonstrated management skills, both internal and with vendors, both personnel and project related.
  • Significant contributor in the complete lifecycle of at least one complex product
  • Production of engineering and NPI documentation.

  • Control, Electronics and communications experience or knowledge.
  • Manufacturing of electrical products.
  • Software
  • Working knowledge of quality management programs
  • Experience with a high volume, high precision, reliable and globally deployed product.
  • Experience within a company transitioning from early stage through to volume maturity
  • Field experience
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