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Controller - Part-Time

Austin, TX
Opportunity: Increase profitability to business owners and managers who lead growing companies with revenue of $3 million to $25 million, by providing financial strategy and services unavailable to them prior.  Rare is the opportunity to change the lives of small business owners, as most of the owners of those companies have never been exposed to real financial talent and have no idea how we can help them.

Our proprietary process, The Path to 12%, increases client net profit margins and improves the life margin of the owners – a welcome change.
Using your CFO skills, you will implement and customize The Path to 12% with clients. Because these clients typically need strong financial talent, you can expect to have a long-term relationship with these owners and managers. You will become their “go to” person for matters relating to business strategy, finance and accounting without leaving the comfort of your home office. Using the Path to 12% and your skills, you will play three roles: consultant (bringing leadership and expertise to the clients), contractor (doing some work for the clients), and coach (encouraging people to achieve their goals).

Benefit to you: Beyond the opportunity to change the lives of small business owners, you will have significant schedule flexibility (you will work part-time 20-30 hours/week), better work-life balance, and can work from home

The founder and CEO changed approaches from the typical “Rent a CFO” model to building a comprehensive process to make CFO and Controller perspective, strategy and services available to smaller companies. He built the "Path to 12%" profit margin for small business owners and our clients see tremendous value in our services and tell their friends. Because the approach to serving clients is new and evolving and because the business is growing quickly, the company has the feel of a start-up. 

The company uses GoToMeeting and the latest cloud-based software to serve clients all over the country without travel. We do it well. Our clients love us and stay around for a long time – the ultimate compliment.

The DNA of a successful Controller (Part-Time):
  • Strong analytical ability
  • Get it done mentality
  • Client first mentality
  • Degree in Accounting
  • Public accounting experience – at least 3 years, but 5-8 years preferred
  • Controller level experience
  • Total relevant work experience of 12+ years
  • Longevity in prior work experience
  • Enjoys new technology
  • Texas residency

To succeed the Controller (Part-Time) will:
  • enjoy challenging work and serving clients but have other interests 
  • value the ability to have a flexible schedule (at least 20 hours per week).
  • embrace your compensation being tied to productivity and client satisfaction.  
  • enjoy working at the company for 8-10+ years because it will take 6-18 months to reach the necessary level of efficiency.

Compensation: $75/hour

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