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Director of Operations

Austin, Tx
Director of Operations:
Job Description: High-growth health care company seeking a highly motivated and adaptive individual to serve in the role of Director of Operations and Biomedical Services. This role will require a person who is able to think critically and work autonomously to mold a position that has not yet formally existed. Considering the small, close-knit nature of our corporate team, this individual will need to be highly collaborative, open to constructive feedback/criticism, and a very effective communicator. The highly technical nature of our business (biomedical and dialysis) will also require that the individual be willing to learn the nuances of our industry and the associated best practices. As we seek to expand, the Director of Operations and Biomedical Services will be instrumental in ensuring that our people, processes, and systems are in the proper standing to support our new growth and to foster an environment of scalability into perpetuity. Lastly, given the familial working environment encouraged by our corporate team and core values, it is vital that this individual is a strong cultural fit.
  • Will report directly to President and CEO
  • Will act as interim President regarding all back-office/administrative functions in the event that the President is unavailable.
  • Direct reports will include: Regional Biomedical Director (oversees team of approximately 15 biomedical staff), Controller (oversees AR/AP Administrator), Director of HR (oversees three HR staff), and Outsourced IT company.
Back-Office/Administrative Operations
  • Will assist President in structuring and hiring of back-office/administrative staff.
  • Streamline communication, collaboration, and task completion/accountability of management team.
  • Creation and updating of back-office/administrative job functions and procedures (job manuals).
  • Provide operational oversight for entire management team by identifying operational inefficiencies and implementing action plans that will resolve them
  • This role would be expected to contribute to the future vision by providing forward-looking/innovative ideas that could eventually alter strategic direction. This includes active participation in all corporate strategy planning sessions.
Biomedical Operations
  • Will oversee structuring and hiring of biomedical staff (biotechs). Optimize staff usage/hours.
  • Optimize regions and travel schedules for all traveling biotechs
  • Implement biomed training program that we can use to expand our traveling biomed staff and to continue education for our current staff (work with Director of HR for this)
  • Implement and maintain standardized equipment inventory system
  • Organize and optimize our in-house equipment refurb/repair/part-out shed. Grow this out as necessary
  • Formalize relationships equipment suppliers while simultaneously working to reduce supply/equipment costs while simultaneously seeking improved quality and reliability
  • Ensure that biomedical team is up to date on all of the most recent biomedical industry standards and regulations
Relationship Management/Business Development
  • Will be expected to maintain strong working relationships with biomedical contract counterparties
  • Actively seek out new biomedical revenue opportunities associated with the above-mentioned existing relationships. Will hand off opportunities to Director of Business development to negotiate/close deals. Focus on areas near current facilities to maximize the use of current biomedical staff
  • Identify new ancillary revenue generating opportunities: EMR, machine refurb and resale, non-dialysis water treatment system maintenance/repair/set-up/ etc.
  • Maintain relationship with and act as main intermediary to outsourced IT company.
  • Website development, oversight, and updating
  • Implementation of efficiency-producing tools (eg. Slack, Asana, etc.)
  • Base Salary commensurate with other Director level corporate roles
  • Variable pay to be based on a combination of:
  1. Achieving identified financial and operational metrics

    Amount of variable compensation will be based on a percentage of cost savings associated with G&A line items that this role will be responsible for overseeing as well as a subjective portion associated with operational metrics and proven-out operational efficiency initiatives.
  2. Company-wide financial performance.
  • 401(k) match: Employer will match 100% of employee contributions up to 3%.
  • Executive level insurance: The company will cover 100% of the employee’s health, vision, and dental insurance premiums.
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