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Event / Warehouse Manager

San Antonio, TX
Game Equipment Manager

Will oversee the warehouse, field operations, fulfillment, and inventory of all equipment that goes into putting on events (large corporate picnics, city and school festivals, and family parties).

The movement of rental equipment from warehouse, to transportation, to set-up, breakdown, to transportation, back to the warehouse is integral in the success of this full service event rental equipment provider.

With the busy season being between April and October, someone with an open schedule on the weekends is required (when most events occur).  You can expect to work 40+ hours per week and overtime on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Qualities we seek:
  • Hard-working - job well-done important to you, also physical labor required
  • Problem-Solver - finding solutions when challenges arise
  • Punctuality - the nature of events requires timing be tight
  • Initiates - doesn't require hand-holding, is responsible and accountable
  • Fun - we are in business of creating fun, our employees must also have this attitude
  • Safety - equipment failures happen, be vigilant in making sure safety is priority
  • Mechanically-Inclined - loves to put things together and take things apart

DNA of successful Game Equipment Manager
  • Driven / has a desire to succeed
  • Has optimistic attitude
  • High energy, high capacity, high integrity, and is self-motivated
  • Strong resiliency and character to persist
  • Excellent communication skills; has confident ability to interact
  • Passion for delivering results

Ex-Military Enthusiastically Considered
Northwest San Antonio, near I-35, 410 interchange
15,000 square foot warehouse
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