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Senior Accountant

Austin, TX
1) Smart, ambitious, hard working junior (preferably with ~2 years at a Big 4 firm, preferably recently minted CPA) with solid academic accounting credentials interested in developing more along corporate finance lines vs burning out along the Big 4 path.  Big emphasis on intellectual muscle with this profile.  Key will also be finding someone that fits this profile but doesn't mind digging in to do detailed accounting grunt-work when needed. I'll work closely with this person, invest in their development, and I'll double as a controller during close while bring them along, but they need to learn fast.  

2) More tenured (5-15 years experience) junior controller type from a small company that can be a steady workhorse that already knows the ropes.  I'll need to be able to just dump the accounting on this person and focus on the finance part of the job myself.  
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